10 Tips For Parents Starting A Business

Being a parent is one thing. Being an entrepreneur is another. And being a parent-entrepreneur, or Parentpreneur, is a tertium quid.


Tertium quid = A third thing that is indefinite and undefined but is related to two definite or known things. – Oxford Dictionary


Everyone who is a parent knows how hard it is—especially for new parents, like me. The hospital sends you home with your new baby and no instruction manual.


It’s a constant grind to be the best possible parent you can be—providing for your family, staying connected to your partner, making the right choices, all while being a great role model for your kids.


It’s no secret that being an entrepreneur is incredibly difficult. According to Bloomberg, eighty percent of new businesses fail in the first eighteen months.


Now, put the two of them together, and it’s probably one of the most difficult experiences known to mankind – Especially without a little help.
Here are 10 of my best tips that will help you on your journey to be the best Parentpreneur you can be!



  1. Most people who purport to be influential, aren’t – And people with tons of social media followers probably can’t help your sales

My experience raising cash for WeMontage is how I mostly learned this lesson. Many people purport to be connected in circles with people who invest in startups. Try to raise money for your startup and reach out to people like that and you’ll see what I’m getting at here.

Also, I used to think if I got someone with 100,000 twitter followers to share my content, somehow something great would happen for awareness of my biz, or there’d be a spike in traffic.

It just doesn’t work that way.

I read a GREAT article in The Atlantic about how even tweets with tons of engagement barely drive traffic back to the site from which the content originated.




  1. Anxiety and worry are rooted in fear and are wasted energy; they never contribute to any positive outcomes

I spent so much of 2013 and 2014 anxious and afraid WeMontage would run out of cash before I could get enough sales traction. There was even one point I remember going to bed really frustrated and woke up the next morning with back spasms that had me on bed rest for a few days.

It was so bad, I was in the parking lot at the doctor trying to get in my car, and I was on the ground crying from the pain. The chiropractor said you’re not supposed to see muscle on an x-ray, but my back spasms were so bad, mine showed up!

And in the end, despite all the worry and anxiety, the business still ran out of money.

Don’t waste your energy with anxiety and worry. It’s not worth it.




  1. Meditation does wonders for eliminating, preventing, and managing stress and anxiety

This right here is the ONLY thing that helps me manage stress and anxiety, and keep me centered. If I go a few days without meditating, I can feel the anxiety churning in my belly.

I meditate for fifteen minutes per day, after I put the twins down for a nap.

A good book I read years ago about meditation by the late, great Wayne Dyer is called Getting in the Gap: Making Conscious Contact with God Through Meditation.

There are also apps that purport to help really busy people get their meditation on.




  1. The more you hustle, the luckier you get

Yep. That’s the title of my book! As Auntie Oprah says, this is the one thing I know for sure. And I also know that hustle > luck.




  1. Social media does not drive sales.

Well, maybe for some businesses, but not for mine.

This is suuuuuuper frustrating. I know my primary customer is a middle-aged mom. But for the life of me, I haven’t figured out how to advertise to them on Facebook and get them to buy something.

I’m still experimenting with Facebook ads and hope to figure it out soon.



  1. Great customer service overcomes a lot of product shortcomings

Thank God for this truth. Most people think they need to wait until their product or service is perfect before they can launch their business.

Don’t wait.

Launch it as quickly as you can and get user feedback. You don’t want to launch with a janky ass product, but it doesn’t need to be perfect.

Give your users access to you via a phone number and a personal email address. And give them GREAT service by responding QUICKLY to their inquiries/problems via email and social media and you WILL convert them to paid customers. I promise.




  1. Sometimes when you think you lose, you win

Crap happens, but there have been plenty of times that in the end things worked out better than expected. So when things don’t go your way, stay faithful and know that the situation could easily turn in your favor.




  1. You’ve got to be wiling to get beaten to within an inch of your life to get what you really want

This for sure has been my truth. And I realized it when I read The Alchemist and the main character got the crap kicked out of him right before he got what he wanted, or fulfilled his “personal legend.”




  1. Real friends are amazing

Friends and strangers are equally likely to help on your entrepreneurial journey.

But I’ve had friends step up in INCREDIBLE ways to lend a hand when things were at their worst with the business.

(You know who you are).




  1. Persistence, more so than patience, is a virtue

Yep. I can’t stress this enough. So many well-respected people insist that persistence is the “X” factor for entrepreneurs. Since most businesses fail the first few years, perhaps there is a dearth of persistence among entrepreneurs.

Thankfully, persistence is the one thing I’m really good at. So maybe I have a shot at this entrepreneurial thing. And perhaps you do to, if you’re persistent as heck.





Whatever business you chose to help gain financial freedom, I hope that these lessons help you achieve the goals you’ve set out to accomplish.



“The big secret is that there’s no big secret. Whatever your goal, you can get there if you’re willing to work. “ -Oprah Winfrey



As always, Good Luck out there!




This content is an excerpt from the book “The More You Hustle, the Luckier You Get.” Check it out and order a copy here!

James Oliver Jr.
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James Oliver Jr.

James Oliver Jr. is co-founder of the world’s cutest twins, founder of WeMontage.com, which turns your photos into removable wallpaper, and author of the book “The More You Hustle, The Luckier You Get: You CAN Be a Successful Parentpreneur”.
James Oliver Jr.
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James Oliver Jr.

James Oliver Jr. is co-founder of the world’s cutest twins, founder of WeMontage.com, which turns your photos into removable wallpaper, and author of the book “The More You Hustle, The Luckier You Get: You CAN Be a Successful Parentpreneur”.

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