5 Ideas Guaranteed To Spice Up Your Kids’ Lunchbox

You’ve been making school lunches for the kids for the last 6 months.

(If you have twins, you’re looking at roughly 510 per year.)


 Isn’t it getting a little tiring?


We already know the answer.  In fact, so do your children.  They see it in what you pack each morning. It’s gotten to the point that no one at their table at noon even wants to trade lunches with them anymore!



Want to spice it up a little bit?



It’s time to get out of that rut.  Check out these 5 lunch ideas guaranteed to get your kids excited about opening their lunchbox again (and you excited about making them).





Twisted Pizza

Sure, marinara sauce, cheese, and pepperoni make a great pizza that any kid will love, Italian or not.  But what if you want to embrace another country’s heritage?  Here’s some great twists on the classic pizza recipe.

  • Greek pizza – hummus, tomatoes, black olives etc
  • Asian Pizza – Asian BBQ sauce & hoisin sauce, mozzarella, chicken, red onions
  • South of the border – Refried beans, cheddar cheese and taco meat
  • Thai - Curry-rubbed chicken and peanut sauce, Sriracha and cilantro,
  • Cajun - Blackened shrimp, spicy tomato sauce, green pepper and Andouille.
  • Hawaiian - Marinara sauce, cheese, Canadian Bacon (or ham) and pineapple





Leftovers don’t have to be boring

Repeat after me: Leftovers are your friend.  You’ve probably realized as you’ve gotten older that there are just some things that taste better the next day. In fact, the last step of my homemade chili recipe is putting it in the refrigerator overnight before reheating and serving.  That extra time lets all the flavors meld together just right, and makes normal chili (or soup, or casserole) taste extraordinary!   Working off the theory that EVERYTHING must taste better the next day, we fell in love with the “spread sandwich” idea. 


Take a left-over chicken breast, and put it into a food processor with some mayonnaise and a little mustard.  Grind it until it gets to the desired consistency.  (It’s like peanut butter- some people like it chunky…some people like it smooth.) Perk it up with any one of the following, based on tastes:

Diced Celery




Sunflower seeds

Do NOT put it directly on the bread.  That makes for a soggy sandwich, and no one likes those!  Instead, put a leaf of lettuce between the spread and the bread. Your kids can eat it just the way it is, or even remove the lettuce, and then go to town!







If leftovers are your friend, then you and tortillas should be BFFs.  Everyone knows that tacos are for Tuesdays, but we think that tortillas can be for any other day of the week!  Who says you have to be limited to Mexican fare?  Fill one side of a tortilla with mozzarella cheese and pepperoni, fold it over and heat, and you have a pizza quesadilla.  Add a container of marinara for dipping and you’ve got a lunch that every kid in school will crave- even cold. 

How about a ham and cheese quesadilla?  Do your kids love breakfast? Scrambled eggs, bacon and cheese will hit the spot, for sure!   Hint: These can also easily be made a week ahead of time, and frozen!






BYOL (Build Your Own Lunch)

What kid doesn’t love lunchables?  What parent doesn’t hate the fact that not only are they not the most nutritious choice, but the cost adds up all too quickly?  

We have the perfect solution. Make your own!

All you need is some lunchmeat or salami  your child likes, some sliced cheese, and a fun cookie cutter! Throw some crackers and fruit in for good measure, and you have a lunch that not only will your kids eat, but is nutritious as well!




Food Art

How about re-creating their favorite movie or cartoon? Grab a sharp knife, some cookie cutters, and a good pair of food shears, and you're ready to put together a lunch that not only will they eat, but their friends will crave!  You’ll be the coolest mom or dad in class!  Beau from LunchboxDad.com and Jill from KitchenFunWithMy3Sons.com have held that title for years, and if you check out the photos below, you can see why! (Go ahead and click on them for easy how-tos!)


We think that EVERY parent should be as cool as Beau and Jill, so we’re going to help some lucky mom or dad out there get close.  This month we’ve teamed up with Tiny Bites to give away a pair of TWO pairs of their awesome food shears!  






They’re great for babies and toddlers who need smaller bites, and they're a must-have for older children with braces who have better luck with bite sized morsels.

Did I mention that they are the perfect tool if you want to impress your kids (and their friends) with your food art abilities!



So, what's so cool about them? 

~They are only 5.5″ in diameter (not as big and cumbersome as a pair of kitchen shears).  That also makes them portable!
~Stainless steel cutlery grade blades are 2.5″ long
~They come with protective child-proof covers
~Each pair has a comfort cutting spring (yellow lever shown in picture) for food that requires more tension
~Dishwasher safe!
~BPA- and lead-free
~And they help engage picky eaters



And the best part? They make creating fun shapes and letters for food art a breeze!





OK, here's the giveaway!  Contest ends April 30th. Winner will be chosen by May 5th, and the prize will be shipped directly to them.

Good Luck and Please Share!



TJ Pellegrino

twin father, writer, and social media icon. Still waiting for my big break.

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TJ Pellegrino

twin father, writer, and social media icon. Still waiting for my big break.

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