The 5 Things Every New Father Should Know About Breastfeeding

Before my pregnancy I knew that I wanted to breastfeed. It was a pretty easy decision for me.

  • It’s free and convenient. (sometimes)
  • No bottles to sterilize and wash.
  • Plus no getting up in the night to warm the milk as the female body is able to produce milk at the perfect temperature for our babies.


It Is Truly Amazing


When I discovered that I was pregnant with twins, I knew breastfeeding would be doubly hard! What I hadn’t thought about though was that our girls may be born premature, which they were. This made breastfeeding ever harder than I had originally thought.


My husband was very supportive in my wish to breastfeed and of course during the pregnancy we’d talked about it and had both agreed that it was something we both wanted for our children. I’m not going to lie, breastfeeding was incredibly hard, but with the right information and support breastfeeding twins can be done.

Straight after the birth of our twins via planned c-section a nurse came to see me in the recovery room and helped me to hand express colostrum (first milk) so that it could be tube fed to our girls. After this, I saw a lovely lady who was the hospitals breastfeeding support officer. I knew that breastfeeding wouldn’t be an option for a good while as our girls were in incubators and one on a ventilator. Instead, I was able to express milk using the hospitals double pump, which was then tube fed to our girls.

Yes, it was incredibly difficult emotionally to not be able to breastfeed them. To attach myself to a machine to be ‘milked like a cow’, but I knew it was worth it for our girls. I know my husband felt left out. He felt as though he didn’t have a role in the girls life at this early stage and I can understand why.



Breastfeeding is important for both Mom and Dad


The doctors and nurses were on hand 24/7 to keep them alive. I was there around the clock to provide milk for them, and my husband, well, he felt like a spare limb, but his role was just as important. He talked to our girls and told them how he felt. The sound of his voice to them was reassuring and comforting.


My husband was also my rock during this time. He supported me 100% in wanting to feed our girls my breastmilk.




The 5 Things Every Father Should Know About Breastfeeding

  1. Skin to skin (kangaroo care) isn’t just something that moms do when they breastfeed. Dads can do this too and it’s really important that they do. It’s a great way for dad to bond with his babies. It is also comforting to baby and offers the same physical closeness that breastfeeding does.
  2. You can still bottle feed. Breast milk doesn’t mean that dads can’t feed their babies. Mom can express milk for dad to bottle feed baby. It may take some practice for your baby to get used to a bottle, as well as being breastfed, but as they say practice makes perfect!
  3. Although breastfed babies don’t need to be burped as much as bottle fed babies, dads can still have an important job right after a feed. Fathers can make the most of sleepy baby with a full tummy by having some cuddle time!
  4. Breastfeeding is time consuming, hard work and emotional. Moms boobs will be sore! Make sure to help while she’s feeding, I’m sure it would be appreciated! Prop a pillow behind her, bring her a glass of water or just ask how she’s feeling.
  5. Have Dad talk to breastfeeding support officers too. They can offer various ways that dad can help mom get the baby to latch, and the best positions to try.



Being a parent is tough, but being there for one another is so important. It’s new to both of you. You’ll both need time to get to know your new babies and bond with them. Feeding your new additions is a great way for both of you to adjust to your new lives as parents.


Emily Higgins

Emily Higgins

Emily is mum to five year old twin girls and a blogger at Twin Mummy and Daddy. She lives in Cardiff, the capital of Wales in the UK with her husband, Nigel, and their twins.
Emily Higgins

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Emily Higgins

Emily is mum to five year old twin girls and a blogger at Twin Mummy and Daddy. She lives in Cardiff, the capital of Wales in the UK with her husband, Nigel, and their twins.

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