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Fathers of Multiples speaks to family oriented, happy, involved fathers and other men. Since our posts are mostly about child-rearing, parenthood, relationships, marriage, multiple births, and being a father of multiples, the majority of our audience is made up of young to middle aged men, particularly fathers of twin children that are between 0 and 18 years-old.



We accept private sponsors that fit with the values and vision for Fathers of Multiples. For a very reasonable fee that we can work out together, your business or blog will be prominently displayed on our right side bar and seen on every page of Father's of Multiples.



Ads are filled on a first come, first serve basis.  All ads will be invoiced via paypal and must be paid for prior to the placement of the ad. The advertisements also must not conflict with our message, and resonate positively with our readers. We currently have 150x150 ad spaces available, as well as footer banners.  These can be obtained on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis. Pricing is  available by inquiring below.


Another way to partner up and promote your business is through a blog post giveaway or sponsored post. This is a great way to introduce our readers to amazing products and services and give them a little something to show our love and appreciation for stopping by! We love to promote products that are related to the topics and interests of our readership. Rates on giveaways and sponsored posts will vary.


Here are some other options we can use to promote your business, or product!



  • live events
  • Twitter parties
  • community chats
  • blogger product reviews
  • custom campaigns
  • targeted banner ads
  • brand ambassador teams
  • branded groups
  • market research
  • sponsored content
  • product sampling
  • branded sweepstakes and giveaways
  • consumer research and much more


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