Dad Jokes

Q. What's short, full of puns, and as much a part of fatherhood as grilling, or maintaining the perfect lawn?



A. Dad Jokes!




Dad Jokes have become super popular now, with Fathers even battling it out to see who can tell them without laughing.  We all know that even if they weren't popular, Dads would still continue to share their specialized brand of humor. (Whether friends and family members wanted to hear it , or not!)


Enjoy these pages filled with our Friday Funnies, as well as other Dad Jokes readers have submitted for your enjoyment.





Do you have a Dad Joke you think we'd like? Sharing it is easy!  Just post it to Facebook or twitter and be sure to tag us! We'll put our favorites right here on this page, and make sure to let you know so you can tell the world that someone, other than you, appreciates your wit. 

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