Fathers Day Book Giveaway!

Every once in awhile a fatherhood book comes along, and it’s written by someone who really captures the relationship between father and child.  A book that the staff at Fathers of Multiples recently received to check out wasn’t that book.  It was better. This collection from Adams Media (a division of Simon & Schuster) highlights more than 400 quotes about fatherhood from notable dads in the worlds of sports, politics, the arts, and more. From Sidney Poitier wanting to be just like his dad to Jimmy Fallon describing fatherhood as a whole new level of happiness, these voices soar when describing the profound influence a father can have. Every week, Fathers of Multiples will be sharing one of these incredible quotes with you on social media. When you find one that truly touches you, or inspires, share it with your friends! But that’s not the best part…






Just because we were lucky enough to get a free copy,





This month (May) we will be giving away a copy of the book to one lucky reader!  Simpy click the link below to enter!  The winner will be announced on June 1st, and then the book will be sent to them, with plenty of time before the big day to wrap it up for the most important man in their life. (Or you can keep it for yourself!) With quotes by and about fathers, including everyone from Barack Obama and Matt Damon to Sigmund Freud and Meryl Streep, _Dad_ is the perfect gift they’ll be reading all year long.


Just go to dadbookgiveaway.hscampaigns.com to enter!



TJ Pellegrino

twin father, writer, and social media icon. Still waiting for my big break.

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TJ Pellegrino

twin father, writer, and social media icon. Still waiting for my big break.

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