Fathers of Multiples “Love Em” Award

The idea of Fathers of Multiples came about due to a lack of resources for dads of twins, triplets and more. There are a lot of sites out there, but most address Mom's concerns, and are usually not written with Dad in mind.  There are a few though that really understand that parenting is about 2 people, and not just the one that carried the babies. 

This is why we at Fathers of Multiples decided to find a way to recognize those writers;

The Fathers of Multiples Love 'Em Awards.  

Once a month we'll pick a website, nominated by you, that people love to read and follow.  They are the type of blogs where we can find stories and articles that help us be better parents, better husbands, and better people.

-They make us laugh.  

-They make us cry.  

-Best of all, they make us feel like we're not alone in this journey called Parenting Multiples! 

Check out the latest Love 'Em award winner, and then make sure you hit the link at the bottom of the page to nominate your favorite Multiples Blog! 

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