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We are lucky enough to have some incredible writers and contributors on staff here at Fathers of Multiples!  Be sure to check out their work and give them some social media love!


Kevin ‘Spike’ Zelenka
Writer, Editor
Kevin is a freelance writer and the stay-at-home father of twin toddlers. He admits that it’s the hardest and most rewarding position he’s ever held. He, his very patient wife, Read More
Andy Shaw
Writer, Editor
Andy Shaw is a dad of three toddlers, including a 3-year-old boy and twin one-year-old girls. He reacted to hearing the news of twins with, “Wait, what?” Andy is a Read More
Jeff Jackson
Writer, Twitter Guru
Jeff is a published author and contributor to three books on daddies. He is a blogger, writer, and speaker for Daddies and men. He lives just north of NYC with Read More
Christan Oz Osmers
Writer, Instagram Dad
Christian is an Art Directer and father of twin boys.  He loves music and food only second to spending time with his family. They can all be found in the Los Read More
Nigel Higgins
Staff Writer, DIY Dad, UK Liason
I’m Nige I’m a dad to five year old twin girls I’m a Top 10 Uk dad blogger and a part time sahd. I have contributed to many websites and Read More
Christopher Lower
Staff Writer, Health and Wellness Dad
Michael Kaufman
Staff Writer, Podcast Dad
Marc Mitchell
Contributing Writer
Tom Williams
Contributing Writer
Mike Crider
Contributing Writer
Jesse King
Contributing Writer
Robb Tavill
Contributing Writer
Chris Rothwell
Writer, Design Dad
Chris is a Californian living in London, UK and a Dad of three year-old boy/girl twins. In his twin-free time, he’s a Digital Advertising Director at a large media agency. Read More
Jesse King
Writer, Fit Dad
I always knew I wanted to be an at-home dad. I never knew exactly what it would entail until my boys were 11 months old I had the chance. I Read More

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