Real Bacon Burgers

Right now my house smells of love.  Sure, I love my beautiful wife. I love my incredible twin toddlers. But you can’t put a smell on THAT type of love. (That would just be weird.) The love I’m referring to is the beautiful aroma of bacon that’s filling my home right now. Most of my friends know that every month is National Bacon Month at our house.  A great example is what we have on the menu for dinner tonight.  Real Bacon Burgers accompanied by Truffle Bacon Fries. A special thank-you goes out to Whole Foods Market who helped me out by supplying the bacon, and a few other key ingredients.


I know what you’re asking yourself right now. What’s the difference between a Real Bacon Burger, and a hamburger patty with a couple slices of bacon on top? Well, I’m going to show you.  You see, for as easy as it should be to cook a regular hamburger, it’s not. Grilling is actually an art.  There’s a balance between…


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