Review: Potty Training Kiddie Urinal

Potty training boys is tough. Especially when they get to the point that they want to stand up, just like Daddy does. If you are tired of the battle and the stigma of making those little dudes sit down to pee, this product should merit close consideration. This inexpensive kiddie urinal from Foryee makes it easier for both your child, and the person cleaning the bathroom. It’s made of environmentally friendly material, and is nontoxic. It’s an easy addition to any bathroom and comes with suction cups to allow the urinal to be attached to tile bathroom wall or surfaces. A quick search of the Amazon reviews might bring you to conclude that the suction cups aren’t very effective. We actually put a screw in the wall and hung it that way to prevent any chance of it accidentally falling off the wall. It is easy to install and adjust the height of the urinal accordingly.

Size: 29 x 19.5 x 17cm/11.42 x 7.68 x 6.69in


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Kidde Urinal

Kidde Urinal

Easy to Install / Assemble


    Helps with Life Skill


      Easy to Clean and Take Care of



        • it's very easy to install.
        • it's easy to dump and clean.
        • brightly colored spinner keeps child's attention.


        • limited colors available
        • paddle-wheel design of the spinner can cause splash-back

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